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While exact UDAAP standards may be broad and difficult to define, there is no doubt that the term is becoming increasingly relevant to financial services industry with each passing day. As UDAAP standards and interpretations continue to evolve, it becomes critical for financial institutions to evaluate their risks and do what they can to diminish the impact that UDAAP violations could have on their organization. Be proactive and manage your UDAAP risk with our Mortgage UDAAP Policy Manual.


The Dodd-Frank Act not only mandates “fair, equitable, and non-discriminatory access to credit” for consumers, but it also prohibits financial institutions from engaging in unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts and practices in connection with consumer credit products and services. A UDAAP Policy Manual that establishes a consumer-centric approach to avoiding UDAAPs is an essential component of any mortgage lender, broker or originator’s policy library. Our Mortgage UDAAP Policy Manual provides an overview of UDAAP standards and draws attention to potential UDAAP risks that members of the mortgage industry should be aware of when it comes to complying with existing federal regulations. Whether your organization is building its compliance program from scratch or is simply looking to reinforce consumer protection policies that are already in place, our Mortgage UDAAP Policy Manual will help you begin demonstrating your organization’s commitment to compliance today.


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