Meet your regulatory and internal compliance requirements with our Payday & Auto Title Lending Compliance Management System. Whether your company is building its compliance program from scratch or is simply looking to reinforce policies and systems that are already in place, our comprehensive CMS solution features a complete set of fully customizable compliance-related policies and compliance checklists, allowing you to have your own comprehensive policy manual at your fingertips.


An effective CMS may seem like an afterthought for many payday or auto title lenders. Perhaps that is because their compliance-related activities have not historically been subject to federal supervision and examinations. That all changed when the Dodd-Frank Act established the CFPB. Since that time, the CFPB has launched its nonbank supervision program and continues to expand the scope of its reviews and examinations.

Compliance is no longer optional.

Failure to implement and maintain an effective CMS can result in violations of federal consumer financial laws which can lead to complaints and increased CFPB scrutiny.

A well-designed compliance program can reduce or prevent regulatory violations, decrease the costs and risks of litigation affecting revenue and operational focus, and help align business strategies with outcomes. Our CMS solution is the first step toward growing your company safely and profitably.


  • Our turnkey CMS solution can easily be implemented into your current business processes.
  • Our Payday & Auto Title Lending CMS is designed to reflect current industry standard policies and procedures.
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements and run your business more effectively with less risk.
  • Manage your organization’s regulatory obligations without hindering business performance.


Expert Content: Our content is thoroughly researched and prepared by compliance professionals and reviewed by experienced attorneys.

Save Development Time and Resources: Writing compliance policies and procedures from scratch can be a daunting task. Your staff can spend countless hours researching, writing, editing and updating policies. Save time and resources by letting our skilled compliance professionals do the work for you.

Reduce Outsourcing Costs: Avoid hiring expensive consultants, a law firm, or additional compliance personnel to create your CMS.

Immediate Implementation: Don’t pay thousands to outsource and wait weeks for a finished product. Our prewritten policies and procedures contain the current best industry practices, so you can put our turnkey CMS solution to use immediately.

Customization: Our CMS solution can easily be modified to match your company’s practices.


  • Affordable one-time purchase price of $2,395.
  • Purchase of this Payday & Auto Title Lending CMS requires a signed License Agreement. This template cannot be shared or sold.
  • After placing your order, you will be able to download your Payday & Auto Title Lending CMS in an editable Microsoft Office Word document.
  • You will also receive a User Guide with tips to help you make the most of your new Payday & Auto Title Lending CMS.

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